Our Team

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Nikhil R. S. Director Wildlife and Logistics
Nageshwar S. Head Strategy and Technology
Divya S. Editor-in-Chief, Himalayan Region
Prakriti G. Head Operations, Nepal
Vinay R. A. Head Media & Relations
Khushi D. Researcher & Contributor
Shiva P. Research Editor
Jasrah R. Researcher & Contributor
Tanya A. Talent Acquisition

"Finding the fit"

Rachael M. Technologist
Melina Technologist
Linita R. Contributor
Anuradha S. Contributor
Bonnie A. J. Contributor
Aditya V. Contributor
Daksh Contributor
Sidak K. Contributor
Carola R. Contributor
Akanksha G. Contributor
Shilpa C. Contributor
Sanjukta D. B. Contributor
Luisa M. Contributor
Ankush S. Contributor
Amit B. Contributor
Goutham T. Contributor
Divas Contributor
Aayush S. Contributor
Sebastian K. Contributor
Travis S. Contributor
Komal K. Contributor
Priyanka B. Contributor
Kunal S. Contributor

Note: Please verify the identity of any individual with us, who is not being mentioned above and claims to be a member of the Himalayan Geographic family.