Having traveled around Leh it was the time for the return journey. We had planned to ride Jammu via Kargil-Zozila pass but due to the riots in Kashmir the roads were closed and militants were trying to grab hold the situation. Missing to travel across the Zozila pass was my first regret.

Woke up 4:30 in the morning, it was freezing cold in the room too. Got all my undone packing work and got fresh also my partner got his work done and we left Leh at 6:00. Riding towards Manali we stopped at Upshi for breakfast.

The sky was getting darker showing signs of rain and temp drop. As we crossed the Indus river and rode towards the Taglangla it started raining and riding bike became difficult with no rain cheater on it was impossible to ride.

My camera was on but the battery was dying and the memory card was nearly full. The surrounding situations were so severe that I had no guts to change the battery and card. I was hoping to cover my ride through the snowfall that had just begun as we were approaching the Taglangla pass, but unfortunately, the battery died and I could not cover my ride through the snow. I missed filming a military convoy with tanks and arm trucks, top covered with snow and the army with automatic rifles.. slight wind blowing and the snow on the road waving off was a great sight. But riding through this tough condition was not easy at all. Not being able to film my ride in the snow was my second regret.

After the chilling effect of Taglangla we ride nonstop for about 6 hours to reach Sarchu where we had our Lunch. As we started our journey from Sarchu to Baralacha we were passing a Transit military convoy I had to cover the 50 to 60 vehicle military convoy with guards standing at specific positions with binoculars and automatic rifles. It was like experiencing a live action movie. I initially started my action cam and clicked the record button but then I had a second thought that I might have not properly clicked the button and I again clicked the record button and the recording stopped… That was my Third Regret

Camera switched off and after searching for the video, I had nothing but disappointment…….

Watch my Nubra valley bike ride https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAp51xmMXZM


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