Beyond the grandeur of Khardung La and before the mighty pillars of Lahaul and Spiti, lies the Nubra Valley with its rather unique, high altitude sand dunes. The Hunder Sand Dunes are walled in by snow-capped mountains adding an extra ornament to the varying beauty of the Himalayas.

Over centuries, the wind eroding the sides of the mountains has created the massive mountains of sand. It was great to walk across the dunes. An amazing experience during a sandstorm.  From a distance, a sandstorm can seem harmless, but as it hits you, a thousand minuscule pins pinch your skin and enter the tiniest possible crevices of your clothes, bags and even your body.

Maitriya Buddha at Diskit with the Hunder sand dunes forming its backdrop. One of the most important deities of Ladakh region, Maitriya Buddha is to be the next incarnation of the Buddha, who would vanquish all evil. The statue at Diskit is one of the larger Maitriya statues in the Leh-Ladakh region.


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