Sunset view from a tiny village called ‘Gundagwar’ which is located a little above Sari village that serves as the base village for Chandrashila trek in Uttarakhand.

This spot is a ‘must see’ as you can tell from the picture. Tip: Make sure you start from Haridwar before 7 am to make it in time to witness this view.

An early wake up to catch the sunrise is always worth it. Closeup shot taken at Chopta on Chandrashila trek, Uttarakhand.

A lesser known waterfall somewhere in the forests of Himachal Pradesh, India. I wouldn’t tell anyone about it because I think you need to find your way here on your own.

Summit day picture, very close to reaching Chandrashila peak.

Sunrise on the trek to Chandrashila peak, Uttarakhand.


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