Kinner Kailash

In the almighty rocks and clouds of Himalayas 21000 feet above sea level


“Bhar Bhar chilluma peetiya bhole naal galla kitiya”

Signs of Goodluck

Since 1994 The Kinner Kailash trek opens only for 8-10 days every year . Its not about the path traveled in the woods but more about what one learns from spirals of life as to-” Where you can help, where you can’t, where you can receive help and where you can’t”. What made me trek the trails of Kinner Kailash was the fact that I survived the fall from glacier in SHRIKHAND MAHADEV and it was one best minutes of my when I slipped from the glacier trying my level best  to tussle and  stop myself but that moment seemed like Death was standing & clapping hands welcoming and just then a stranger saved me by digging the glacier, which made me realize that fate had something different for me.

Colors that tell a story

Moving toward the Location Kinner Kailash, a holy place according to Hindu and Buddhist mythology Trek started from the Tangling (a small village in the woods of interior Himachal, Kinnaur). We crossed Satluj by walking for around 6 km to reach Tangling. We stayed there for the rest of the night and left early in the morning and having trekked for the whole day till we reached Gufa (cave).


From Tangling to Gufa we experienced the beauty of the nature untouched by humanity. We had snacks for the noon at Ashiqui Baagh and planned to stay in Gufa but as a matter of fact we weren’t prepared as it was our first time with exploring everything and we did not bag in the essentials. The temperature at night went to -2 Degrees and we lied down on the rocks inside the cave collecting some woods for bonfire.

The First sign of Victory

Early in the morning at 3 AM when temperature was unbearable we left from Gufa in the hope that we would fetch some water as we were thirsty from the last night and we trekked for continuous 3 hours nonstop and sat on the top of a rock and put ourselves in the way of beauty, it was the sunrise that was Euphoric after a cold night in a cave so much so that it made us forget our hunger, thirst and  it was almost 48 hours we thrived without a meal. The trek let us too many inquisitiveness to know more about how the survival of oneself should be? How should freedom of life be chosen from variant domains and prioritized, in all this trek to the godly mountains made us meet ourselves in full.

The realms of Dawn

After leaving from Gufa it took us 5 hours of non-stop trek to Gauri Kund, where goddess Gauri used to bath. We halted, rested and followed our trail to ascend further and we had to pass through the nature made tunnels and having trekked for about 3 hours more we reached the top ‘KINNER KAILASH‘, with  our heads bursting due to low oxygen level but somehow everyone managed.

Towards Gauri Kund

We halted at the top for an hour watching peace surround us letting us be away from all kinds of materialistic love, infatuation- It was “Utopia” and we really wanted to “bottle up the moment and keep sipping on them with shades of time”.  As we began descending what we perceived was that the whole meaning of life stays with following what the heart says. The crisps of eternity leads us to a world untold and following what one requires is called knowing the art of happiness.

The smokes of happiness
Freedom of choice
In search of sooth
Blued with the inks of nature
Extravagant Beauty of Thoughts
a different view of the shila


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