Have you ever imagined walking on a vast white unending patch of Arctic ice?

I have!

I’ve been handpicked from across the world to participate in the ClimateForce Arctic Expedition 2019 led by Sir Robert Swan, the first man in history to walk on both the North & South Poles. Through this expedition, I will gain knowledge about issues related to climate change and environmental degradation and how it affects our present and future worldwide, along with a better understanding of the polar regions’ fragile ecosystem and how it impacts the rest of the planet and our everyday lives.

Having worked with acid attack survivors, women and children, young social entrepreneurs and environment conservation volunteers, I believe in imparting values and experiences for empowerment.

With the Climate Force Arctic Expedition 2019, I set out for a unique educational experience to a place closest to the changing climate, which will help me rewrite the story of climate change.


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