She has never read a fairytale, never seen a story book before. I kept wondering how will she imagine her life without these mundane tasks if not for a book? How will she hope that her fairy God Mother will change her life for a night & she will meet her prince charming? How will she dream of traveling around the globe, visiting new places? How will she know that there are women who break the barriers and do great things in life?

How will she hope to be more than just an ordinary girl, try to make her life special? Her life is tough, but can we just give her one book to make it a little better?

Many kids in the Uttarakhand region have no access to the outside world. All the exposure they have is through television and social media, which, unfortunately has worked adversely. Kids here are getting diverted to drugs, gambling and affairs. In terms of career, they do not prepare for anything, they have no goals. There are only a few kids who have beaten the odds and done something substancial in their life. To change this, we are setting up a library in the village Khalkandiya. The villagers have come together to make this happen, they have alloted a room in the Gram Panchayat Bhavan, the youth is ready to maintain the library and the villagers are contributing for the furniture and electricity costs. For the project to get going, we need books, in English and Hindi. We are looking for educational books, fiction novels, classics, autobiographies, encyclopedias and dictionaries. Please dm if interested. One book you donate can change a kids life.


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