The beautiful town of Paro in Bhutan, casts a spell on you, the moment you set eyes on the terrain. We were there in November 2015, when it was dry all over, and the dark brown mountains, with tinge of green, stoically stood, like guradians of the valley! It was breathtaking. I remember being tad restless to reach, but the moment we entered Paro, and saw the river flowing, with weeping willows tracing the path out, and majestic Paro Dzong (the picture I uploaded), was transported into a calm and magical world. I distinctively remember my eyes popping out! Our driver realized how awestruck I was, with the Dzong, so he stopped the car for a while, and I just stood there inhaling that crisp Himalayan air, listening to the water flow by and gazing at that marvellous architecture.

Paro Dzong, houses the Monk body and administrative offices, and was built in 1644 under the order of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. Dzongs have religious and/or managerial aspects to them, and each of them have a story to be told.

A day later, I hiked the longer route out, this picture is from that day. Took me more than an hour, but witnessing the building, and the view from there, was dreamlike!

It stays with you, forever.


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