What comes to the mind when we think of a trip abroad? A long flight, exchange of currency, unknown language, skyscrapers, fascinating locations and some exotic food. 

Sometimes we get blinded by the unknown at a distance to an extent where we tend to ignore the hidden treasures closer to us. One such travel destination in Bhutan. It might not be a quintessential abroad destination that we all dream about but this land of thunder dragons will blow your mind with its simplistic beauty. You can literally witness a sense of happiness and peace of mind in the air of Bhutan. Every corner of Bhutan is beautiful. Be it nature, the architecture, or the people. 

The First thing that caught my mind was the way the two completely different set of population coexists in the border region. There is nothing called as a no-mans land. It’s just a huge gate that divides India from Bhutan. But the difference between these two countries is not just restricted to the standard time but in the environment as well.

When I stepped into Bhutan for the first time, it felt like I was thousands of kilometres away from India even though India was right behind me. The noise from vehicles, the pollution, the crowd and overpopulated roads on one side of the border. The other side is calm, very scarcely populated with people walking around in their traditional uniforms.

I was already thrilled with this coexistence and blend of two strikingly different cultures between countries. India and Bhutan accepts both currencies, speak each other’s language and welcomes each other with a lot of warmth. It’s only when you start your journey to explore Bhutan you realise how different the world of Bhutan is in such a close vicinity of  India.

Our journey started from Phutshilong after getting all the required permits. We have an article that covers every information about permits.

The journey to Thimphu is a boon for people who love the Himalayas. The tough terrains of the Himalayas, the chill in the air and the lonely roads give you a chance to be one with nature. These are not many people seen on the road except the checkpoints.

It took us around 5 hours to reach Thimphu. This capital city of Bhutan has an aura of royalty in every corner. Every part of the city is so beautifully decorated.

Be it the massive Buddha Dordenma, The beautiful Memorial Chorten, The showcase of culture in Folk Heritage Museum or the night view of the Thimpu Dzong. This I snow less than a fairy tale experience.

Out next destination was Paro. The bike ride from Thimphu to Paro was short but heavenly. Hide and seek of The Sun and cloud was taking the fun quotient to a different level. The Himalayan range standing tall and proud on one side and the famous Paro River called Paro Chhu flowing on the other. The silence enveloping the entire space and the sound of the flowing river breaking the same silence. The total journey was a divine blend of the beautiful elements of nature.

Our next day was dedicated to the “Tiger’s Nest Monastery”. I have had a lot of trekking experiences in life but nothing comes near to Tiger’s Nest. It might be a difficult trek but this walk to the monastery was quite enriching. You get a  chance to witness the real beauty of forest covered Bhutan.

This 6 hrs trek might feel quite challenging at the beginning but experiences you will gather on the go will be one of the finest earnings of your life.

The thick forest on one side, the snow-capped mountains, the tough trails gives you a chance to have a deeper look at life.

I always believed that it’s not the destination but the journey that matters. This trek not just reassured my belief system but taught me a new lesson of life.

Life is indeed a journey filled with hardships exactly like those tough terrains. But once you try to enjoy the little pleasures that come along with those tough times you start enjoying every moment of that journey. It’s all in our hands to focus on the difficult terrains or the scenic beauty around. It is only when we stop cribbing about the problems do we really start enjoying the true essence of life.

Taktsang Monastery is built in such a way that you can get glances of it all throughout the trek. But the experience you are reward with once you actually touch the ground of Tiger’s Nest Monastery is empyreal.

The beautifully painted walls of the cave, the divine prayer halls, the sound of science prevailing all over the place. You can actually feel the positivity swaying around this carbon negative nation.

I didn’t fell the need to try and meditate here. Just swinging in the lap of mother nature at an elevation above 10,000 ft, takes you to a meditative zone with literally no efforts. The aura of the place is so magical that no negativity, pain or sorrow can touch ever again. Even when you are back to your normal life struggling with the real-life problems. Just the thought of your experience at Tiger’s Nest has the power to take you away from your difficulties to the pleasant moment that you had experienced in live at Paro Taktsang.

The beauty of the place is beyond words and you really have to experience this to know what magical influence Bhutan can have in your life.

Happy Travelling!

Sreya Dasgupta www.storyovens.com



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