The truth is, I can never die. For I will be in everything and see you in everything and watch over you. I am your reaction in the water of a mountain lake.” – Klaus Kinski

It was first week of Oct 2016, Four Friends, discussing over Chai where to travel in the coming next week, One suggested Mussorie, another Shimla, one suggested Agra and finally my opinion was finalized of visiting McLeodGanj and further Trekking from there followed by Bir-Billing Paragliding ( I had done some research quite well 😉 ).

Kareri Lake Trek happened to be my first trek ever, and I am glad I chose Kareri Lake Trek over famous Triund Trek in Dharamshala. We were staying at Kangra and for Trek we had to reach Ghera Village.

Day 1.

We started from Kangra towards Ghera Village on our Royal Enfield – DesertStorm 500 and Classic 350. The last 1 km of reaching Ghera Village was quite a rough patch because of some construction work going.

Enroute Ghera Village

Upon Reaching Ghera, We set out our journey towards our First Campsite in Kareri Village which was alongside the Nyund Stream flowing all the way up from the Kareri Lake towards the village.

The Village Trek was quite exhausting, but for the villagers it is the only way of daily commute. Our guide was a local kid Ashu from the village studying in 10+2 and for him the trek trail was the daily commute to his school. His 5 mins were equal to our 10 mins. Upon ending the trail was Ashu’s house, where we had a tea break and spend time with some kids.

Never ending steps towards Kareri Village

Reaching the first campsite, we set up our tents, relaxed and soaked ourselves into the beauty of the Dhauladhars and then had dinner along the bonfire.

Day 2.
After having a mesmerizing view of Sunrise, we set for our main Kareri Lake Trek around 9.30 or 10 a.m. after playing and exploring around the first campsite. It was quite a better trek than we had a day before towards the village. But it was quite challenging on its own. There were no shops in between till the last point of Kareri Lake. On second day, Ashu’s uncle also accompanied us as a guide, telling us all the stories of the village , the bear sightings, and his own treks, and how he never wishes to visit Delhi.

All the tiredness / soreness went away at the sight of Glacial Kareri Lake and the ranges surrounding it. I can still close my eyes and feel the peace I experienced there in the morning hours.

Kareri Lake

Day 3:

I spent morning hours quietly over a rock as shared in the picture, while boys were busy clicking the pictures of the beauty surrounding us. We Descended back around 9.30 and during the descend we were amazed and thinking about the route that we travelled a day before. We reached Ashu’s home again at the Kareri Village this time by different route from the back side of the village I guess. We had maggi and chai and marched for the Ghera and reached Ghera where our bikes were parked around 5 p.m.

Crystal Clear water along the trail. Also, our water bottle filling stations 😉

I was most worried as we started driving back from Ghera, because none of us could by now feel our legs 😉 and the riders showed the courage to drive the beasts through quite rough road of Ghera Village and with our Backpacks and untiring Souls, we headed towards Bir-Billing for the next adventure.

The Gang!


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