Well, it all started some two years back when I realized that something was missing in my life. Even though I had almost everything to survive through my life, a craving inside had bitten me so that I had to go out into the wild alone to see what it was; and soon I discovered how beautiful mother nature was.

I had been riding solo from Mumbai to Gujarat to Rajasthan to Delhi and when I finally reached Himachal Pradesh I saw the beauty and then I knew what it was, what was the craving was all about. It was the creator of all, Lord Shiva. I was stunned by the beauty it had the big humongous mountains covered with white snow at the top and dense Forrest all around the valleys the most beautiful Parvati valley I reached Manikaran and saw this idol and was speechless it was captivating and I met the reason of my craving.

I m not going to stop now I have been riding through many city’s crossing state borders and burning the fuel at nights as well trying to meet many new faces in my life going beyond the limitations of roads and religions just to inspire some to make some laugh to make bonds with a message life is a gift and you can only see it if you stop abusing it.

Manikara situated in Parvati valley.
Manikaran you can see the hot steam coming out from the hot water spring.
View from the place I stayed on the left side of the picture you can see the Manikaran temple and the beautiful nature around it.
A place where I got stuck but it felt good to be all alone with no human traces around me it was me and the creations having a conversation about life.


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