This image was clicked at a place named the “Chitkul Lake”. Chitkul Lake is situated at the heart of  Kinnaur Valley. The Chitkul lake can be reached very easily once you have reached the village named “Kalpa”. It is at a very short distance and takes around 2 hours of traveling. After that, my drive left me at a distance as the vehicle was not able go ahead so from there I walked to Chitkul Lake and I reached there within 10-15 minutes. The two houses that can be seen in the image is actually a school and the small one is the sports club of that school. So I was walking and I saw this amazing view; it felt like a chasm at a glance, and before I knew it the image was clicked in my head. So, I took my camera out of the bag and i held it in my hand and i clicked the image. It was a mesmerizing view from standing over there. The mountains and the blue sky was so awesome and the white clouds, it was very very beautiful.


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