You will find them walking in high alttitudes. Although you could think they are the native neighbours from Khumbu valley, in Hymalaia mountains, soon you will realise it is a new specie: sherpa 2.0 has appeared.

In Everest Base Camp, a sherpa gets his smartphone ready to stard dancing.

His smartphone is what makes the difference. Both men and women are dark skinned, not very tall, with short fingers and withd shoulders as they used to be. However, this small device has changed their behaviour in their daily lives above 2.00 meters high., no matter whether they are working or walking. Soon you will experience the difference.

During a break on the way, a sherpa takes time to check his Facebook account.

Because…. Have you ever imagined yourself dancing a Bollywood song in the Everest Base Camp? Or to see attonished a shepard checking Facebook while their iaks are being let pass for large groups of tourists in a suspension bridge? Or helping a porter to chose the best location for a selfie while crossing Cho La Pass? Or while goingto the weekly market in Namche Basaar, listen all the voice message from a very young girl carring tones of cans on their back to her mum? And last bust not least, to cach an excited buddist monk filming Mani Rimdu Festival in Terbuche Monastery with his bright device?

Young girl on the way to Namche Basar market.

All this scenes have appear recently and becoming daily situations, making life from sherpas living in this area completely changed from their ancestors. Their bodies are still used to the alttitude and geographical conditions are still hard. However, new tecnologies have made their journeys a bit lighter. The new inhabitants of Himalaya Mountains are here to stay for a long time. At least, while there is Internet signal!


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