The base camp

The night of 20th May 2017, I would say was the life-changing night for me. I was sitting at Everest camp 4 at a height of 26000ft gasping for breath even though I was on oxygen. The winds outside howled at 50mph. My team had nothing to eat since the last 48hours and we were stuck due to bad weather. Finally, at 8 pm, a team of 8 members decided to go for the summit. I was nervous as my dream to be on top of the world was about to begin. It took me 12 hours to see my dream coming to reality and I thought I was just hallucinating. Standing at 29026ft Mt. Everest, there were no words to express how I felt. O the goddess had blessed me to worship her. I cried, I hugged my team and looked around. Yes, the view from there was life-changing. From the first thought of reaching the summit to really making it, the journey has been one of its own and totally out of the world.

View from 29000ft


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