This image was captured, when I was on a trip to the Himachal Pradesh. Well, to talk about this image this has been captured when I was returning from the “Key Monastery”  in “Spiti Valley” Himachal Pradesh, India. I stayed in the hotel at a place named “Kaza” which is the biggest town in the Spiti Valley. So, in the morning I left the hotel to head to the “Key Monastery” and other villages, “Kibber” and “Hikkim”.

In the morning it was foggy and cold that I didn’t quite see this place as I didn’t  get out of the car. However, while I was returning from the “Key Monastery” I asked my driver “Anil Ji” to stop by for 5 minutes and let me click this beauty and that we’ll head to the hotel. The moment  I saw the view its image was clicked in my mind and the whole image was framed in my eyes. The mountains, the clouds, the river, the greenery, the roads were all was just mesmerizing.  Then I held my DSLR  “Nikon D5200” and I clicked the beauty. Well, I am still surprised with the kind of relationship and the vibe the mountains give me. Amazing. I fell there is a very special connection between me and the mountains. I love them.



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