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About Us

We are a non-profit organization that excels in exploring The Great Himalayas, the Himalayan culture, its people and addresses the issues that one Himalayan traveler would want to get educated on. Himalayan Geographic is a globe of experiments with culture, beauty, adventures and bears all fruits of travel, environment, cleanliness and cultural stories across the picturesque of Himalayas capturing and directing the reminisce of lives.

With the crisps of scientific research, fostering love for the environment, enhancing cultural heritage, fund raising, expeditions to remote areas, Himalayan Geographic's other important domains have always been volunteering works, teaching programmes, exploration to bag home a lot of peace. It has a lot many award winning contributors who have sourced and dedicated themselves to bring out powerful stories across the world.

Respect the HIMALAYAS

Keeping Himalayas clean is not just our duty, but a necessity.
We always love to be in an environment that is clean and green. We all are advocates for a neat and clean pollution free environment, but how many of us do actually make an effort for it.

Ask yourself?  Be the change that you want to see in others.