“Be still like a mountain, and flow like a great river.”

A famous quote, After watching Kanchenjunga I understand what it mean. Almost i am 75 km away from that mountain I thought that it will appear a small white capped mountain somewhere far in middle of mountains. But Kanchenjunga is like a very big thing in the sky( you can’t forget this experience in your lifetime.) It stands still like a Great King of mountains and taught us to be stand still for truth no matter how people distracts you.

8,586 m Largest In India

Kanchenjunga is the highest mountain in India and third in the World with the elevation of 8,586 m (28,169 ft). It is called Five Treasures of Snow after its five high peaks and has always been worshiped by the people of Darjeeling and Sikkim.

It was 4th Jan 2017, we were travelling to the Darjeeling since two days weather was very cold and we want to cover All the spots of Darjeeling as we don’t want to miss anything since we don’t no when we will come back again to Darjeeling. In this two days weather was very cold and snowing. We don’t no that we can see the mighty Kanchenjunga mountain even we leave the hope to see it. But in last day around 9 Am sky gets clear and we have seen the mountain (Largest mountain in India). There is a Observatory on The famous Mall Road near Chowrasta in Darjeeling. Mostly people go to Tiger hill to watch view at sunrise of Kanchenjunga But it is clear visible from here also.

A Siberian Husky in The Mall Road

There are lot of activities going around the mall road and chowrasta, most doing morning walk, exercise with the wonderful view of Kanchenjunga, reading newspaper and drinking Darjeeling tea. There are lot of high breed dogs can be easily spotted but my favorite Siberian Husky i got there he is one of the most friendly dog with awesome owner. We kept our journey countinue we don’t want to leave Kanchenjunga view.

beautiful dog huskey travellershelp
beautiful dog huskey travellershelp

Hope some day we can climb the Kanchenjunga soon. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is there which provide all type of Advance Mountaineering courses.

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