The Hugs of Himalayas I felt in the midst of the white snow,

Reaped inside me the warmth it cast!

The warmth of the white fur that surrounded its cliff,

Swooshing was its voice of hail…..

The hails that stormed the beauty musk to the ground

Red was the tents blistering the sarcasm of the environment…

It raged, raged up in chills!




Minthatch, Kasol












Togetherness lasted its firm,

To the slippery sheaths of sorrows, it turned…..

Taking away the vulnerability of the gloom to bloom and couch us in its fumes of glory and peacefulness.



Grahan Village, Kasol














The Hugs of Himalayas I felt inside, beseeched in me shoots of time!!

Accustomed we became to the routine as we say—–

The nights looked brighter followed by a fairy tale…..

I demanded more—-

It gave all it can from hails to tans…





The rapid flow



The rains that roared and thawed my lips….

Those spoke of pleasure and achievements….







Volcano of Clouds













I felt the warmth in the ecstasy of the bright and lush cold, all covered with excitement and nudity of truths…

From the gigantic mountains fell apart was the simplicity of wonderfulness….

The Hugs of Himalayas I felt inside in midst of the white snow,

Clutched me perhaps in its toll…….


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