As we close out our the first month of 2017, what amazing things have you done? Do you feel like the year is slowly passing by, and you are not living life to the fullest? If you answered yes to this question, you should consider going to Everest Base Camp this year in Nepal!

Why is 2017 the Year?

The EBC route is growing in popularity each year. What use to be an adventurous trek, is now turning into a tranquil stroll for some. It is getting easier and easier to do the trek and explore the Khumbu Valley. Lodges are starting to fly people up to have views of the peaks without even trekking for days. The teahouses are starting to attract a more glamorous crowd, and the infrastructure is improving. These are all good things right?

Yes, these are all good things, but with the infrastructure, there is also the increase in people. If you do not do this trek soon, you may miss the golden hour to do it. Year after year, more people are taking the opportunity to explore this amazing part of the world, but the pictures and experiences are getting more crowded. What use to be an intimate experience in basecamp, is now a fight to take a picture. At times, depending on the month you trek, there can be what seems like a caravan of travelers going up the mountain.

Soon, there may even be a permits limiting the amount of trekkers per day (I think this would be good for the area). I urge you to go sooner rather than later. Go before the majestic beauty of the mountain is overtaken with foreign travelers trying to take the best selfie.

Do You Need to be in Good Shape?

No, you do not need to be a marathon runner or an experienced mountain guide to do this trek. I would say most able body humans can do the trek. Some of the days can get long, 8+ hours of hiking, but the days are well worth it.

If you are in shape, you will be able to enjoy the mountain more and spend less time trying to catch your breath. Your stamina will improve, which will make your legs and body feel so much better after 12-19 days of continuous travel.

Thus, if you can handle walking for 5-8 hours, and have the mental perseverance, I would say you are ready to book your trip.

Is it Safe?

Just like anything, there are risks, but also rewards. I think the rewards far outweigh the risks. You can develop altitude sickness and it can kill you. At the same time, you can plan your trip to prepare your body to the conditions. You can do this by climbing high and sleeping low. Take days to acclimatize every 1000m, and do not sleep more than 400m above from where you slept the night before.

Have a guide, preferable one from Nepal, to help keep you safe, but also to help the local economy. For many, this career helps feed their families and pay for private education. They will know how to climb the mountain and how hard to push to stay safe.

Finally, to be safe, you must trust your body. If your body is telling you to stop, it is probably a good idea to rest. You will feel the symptoms, and it is your job to know your limits. If you know the signs and symptoms, and are able to judge your body, you will be fine.


There is no better time than 2017 to book your trip. The crowds will be less this year than any coming year. Take a few months to train and you will be set. Trust in your body and enjoy the scenery.

You will not regret this decision ever! Send me a pic when you make it to basecamp, and cross it off your bucket list. Also, lets be real, this is an amazing bucket list item to do. Do not wait, and book your trip now!

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