Arunachal Pradesh has been the land full of diversity and culture. From ages, it has defined its serenity, customs, and thus stands out the Nyishi Tribe which belongs to the Tibeto-Mongloid race in the Himalayan Region. Arunachal has 26 tribes and 112 sub tribes with their own distinct traditions and values.

The Nyishi Community celebrates Nyokum Yullo, a pre-agricultural festival annually. One of the amazing features of this festival is that it collates people to avoid caste discrimination and gathers everyone from the tribe to worship the Nyokum Diety. It is also believed that Nyokum festival enhances peace and prosperity amongst human beings.



Since this festival is related to cultivation, the Nyokum Goddess is invoked for her blessings so that the Tribals face no issues with harvest, and floods and insects don’t destroy the crop. Nyokum is not only regarded for its crop cultivation but also marks the increase and maintenance of the tribals’ fertility.



Nyokum is celebrated on 26th of February every year.  The people of the Nyishi Community celebrate it on the community grounds and the people dress up in their traditional clothes. It is followed by the priests performing rituals and prayers to the deity to bring peace, harmony, and prosperity. Men and Women of the tribes gather and hold hands to form a circle, to perform the traditional dance. The traditional art forms are fostered.



Nyokum is indeed a beautiful festival as it cultivates and lets the bond of the people grow both with each other and with the ethnicity of the culture because in spite of the busy schedule and different coerces of life, people do connect to celebrate this festival of positivity.



The Nyishi tribe is known for its simplicity and hospitality, reminds the tribe of their ancient roots. It is the most colorful festival of Arunachal Pradesh and this year the festival will mark the beginning of the new era with fragrance in the air. It will also depict the gorgeousness of the culture, what Yazali is worth in true sense.




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