The name of this place is “Dhankar Gompa”, it is a village and it is also known as “Gompa”. Located in the Lahaul & Spiti Valley, it is at a short distance from the place name “Tabo”. I arrived at Dhankar Gompa in the afternoon around 1 PM and it was a very beautiful weather; it was a sunny day. Dhankar Gompa is very famous for its Buddhist Monastery, which is very beautiful. At a very short distance from the Monastery lies the village itself. This photograph is of the village. What caught my attention towards this, is that the homes of this village were built on the sand. It was so mesmerizing to me that I was looking around and I saw that it was beautiful. The people here were so lovely that when one lama saw me capturing the scene, he came towards me and asked me what can I see the photographs and I were like yeah! okay why not and he saw the photographs and he was so impressed that he offered me a very tasty Herbal Tea, which was amazing, I mean i was like wow man and I started enjoying the hot herbal tea with the amazing view and once I finished the tea the lama asked me if I wanted another cup and I said it okay and he then gave me a pat on my back and then he gets back to his work.

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Well, straying into the forests and enjoying nature has been a part of my life since i was a child. When me and my family used to go for a tour/trip i loved that. I actually love travelling. Some people call me as a globetrotter. Since those days i started observing nature from the closest and developed love and affection towards the natural wonders of the world. I picked up camera to capture the beauty of the world. I enjoy clicking possibilities of different forms of nature and most amazing elements in their environment. Initially i was using a simple point and shoot camera to capture the most amazing clicks of the world. Since observing my interest in photography my dad bought me a dslr camera. Since then i have just made up my mind that i want to be a professional photographer.Well, as the time passed i understood the values of extracting imaginary beauty out of some apparent elements in nature. I started scrutinizing some tiny but powerful basics of nature in close proximity of my thoughts which can carry a potential to put up meaningful impact on viewer's mind and soul. Photography is a pleasure to my eyes. My camera has given me knowledge to see the world in a different way. Daksh Desai


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