Back when we’re on the trekking expedition of Chanderkhani Pass in Himachal (2016), we’ve seen spectacular views of mountains and valleys. The expedition was from YHAI (Youth Hostel Association of India) & they’ve chosen great places for our Night Camp Sites. On our second day of trekking, moving further we’re trekking inclined on the series of green mountains and I’ve seemed this dreaming view of the village (or you can see Trekker’s Camp Site) holding itself between the Valley of Mountains.

From the same place where I located this view, I have started capturing photos from different angles to make it a good frame of mine. I felt the feeling of living in hand of Mother Nature & started admiring this view. What my thoughts were – ” This Place is located in Nature Valley’s hand surrounded by big greenery mountains. Questions running through my head were,

” What could be the view of the night? How awesome would be the time if snowfall had happened? How great if we have our campfire done at here? ”

Many more things I want to do if we could hold our campsite at this place. It was a place to spend a night and admiring the nature. 


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