Considering one of my best road trips, I must admit that it was Nathula pass. Nathula pass which is located at Indo China border (eastern Himalayas – 4310 m above sea level) is 54 km from Sikkim. It’s an offshoot of the ancient Silk Route, which connected India with China, Middle East and Europe.
Only Indian citizen are allowed to visit and it requires special permit. The place is surrounded with Indian army protecting Indian Territory. Also we can see Chinese soldiers protecting their side.
It’s a hilly and landslide prone area wherein the roads sometimes get blocked with landslides. Keeping tourist security in concern, as per government rule all tourists need to return within 3 pm. In case you are stuck there due to weather or any other casualty, Indian army provides the accommodation to the tourists (As there are no hotels to stay).Salute to the Indian army.





For me, Nathula is the best place on earth, Recollecting the good memories of the journey.The journey begun early morning at 6.30 am. The roads were narrow and sandy. At some points I was dead scared, one slight mistake and this deadliest road will take you to the ground …. Dead. Phew .

After the scary journey in sumo jeep we finally reached Nathula .It was so high in the mountains that I can even touch and feel clouds. I have seen so many hills and other part of Himalayas but this region is completely different and utterly beautiful.
Even today if I close my eyes, this is the first place that comes to my mind.

On the way to Nathula we pass by Tsomgo Lake also known as Changu Lake is eternally beautiful. This place was surrounded by locals and Tibetan yaks (a long haired cow found mostly in the mountains). We got a chance to click few pictures of the Yak. Took a ride of it and it was an awesome experience.Even I got a chance to try the local Ethnic dress .






After clicking few pictures with the yak we headed towards Nathula .We climbed stairs to reach the border line and I was stunned with the view. What a view it was, Speechless!!! Why this place needs a border? Why can’t we live here, Always..?? It was the best place ever visited.




After spending nearly an hour in Nathula we went to Baba mandir (temple). This temple was constructed on the memory of an Army soldier. This temple shares a very religious sentiment with the locals and Even the Indian army has a strong faith in this temple.We saw other places and also came across the highest golf course of the world which is located here.









I was enjoying every minute of time there but suddenly realized that we need to go back. Seriously who wants to go back but I wish I could have choice.
On our return we were hungry, so we went to a small market nearby. What else you need when you get served with Hot Hot Maggie and a hot Tea. I was feeling that I had the tastiest food in my life. We started again and by evening we reached back to Sikkim (Gangtok).
I was mesmerized with the overall experience and I wish that I should get a chance to visit Nathula Again & Again..

—Aparna 🙂

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