After a long week of convincing my friends, our trek(comprising of three brave souls) to Kedarkantha finally began on 25/01/2017. It was supposed to be an easy trek suited for beginners and one of the best winter treks in India. No doubt, its one of the best trek in India and easy too if you have the weather on your side. Our trek towards ” juda-ka-talab” (1st camp site enroute to Kedarkantha peak) started from Sankri on 26th. After a tiring journey passing through the beautiful forest-part of Govind pashu vihar national park we reached our 1st camp site somewhat around 2pm. Adding to our surprise(apart from the beautiful views) we were welcomed with the tastiest lunch i’ve ever had on any trek(that too at 9k feet!!).

The weather started to change after 4 pm and we knew that a heavy snowfall was inevitable. Someone even mentioned about the warnings issued by IMD in the entire region about heavy snowfall. Initially it was all very beautiful and enjoyable. Playing in fresh soft snow, the views of snow covered coniferous trees etc. Things started to change as the sun began to set. The temperature was somewhat around -10deg C and we knew that its gonna be a long and a tough night.

Juda ka talab campsite

At night around 2 am our guides woke up and others too and told us to keep shaking our tents from the inside at regular intervals to prevent snow from accumulating on our tents to prevent it from collapsing. Later we came to know that the guides were already wiping off the snow from our tents ever since we slept but at that moment it was snowing so heavily that we had to wipe every 4-5 minutes.

A long night was finally over and the morning instilled in us a new excitement and thrill even though it was still snowing.

Morning view at Juda Ka Talab campsite

We had to decide whether to continue our trek further or to go back to Sankri. Our guide was initially reluctant to take us further but we being adamant, he finally gave up to our will. The further trail was covered with snow and with difficult to walk. Finally we reached Kedarkantha base camp after 2 hours of climb. We were the first group to reach that day.
Others followed the trail made by us later that afternoon, while a lot many decided to stay back and discontinue the trek. Slowly and steadily the clouds cleared away while we proudly enjoyed the moment thanks to our decision. It was a new moon night and with clear sky, the stars appeared so bright that the night view could never fade away from our memories.

Next day our final and the toughest push to the summit started in the morning along with few other people. Finally after a tough 3 hours, we were gifted by a magnificent 360 degree view of the Himalayas.

……And so they say..the best view comes after the hardest climb


Defeating the coldest blizzards, struggling with frozen shoes, heavy snowfall, extreme sub zero temp., preventing frostbites/ hypothermia, sleepless nights etc and in the end a handfull of people made it to the top. Why do I do this? Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to this mystery. P.s: Some famous peaks in the background from left to right: Swargarohini, black peak, Bandarpunch I and II(my fav.) , yamunotri/kalind(behind me) #Kedarkantha #summit #winter #republic_day #Traveller #Travelphotography #hiking #Instatravel #Instatraveling #Traveldiaries #trekking #Travelingram #india #incredibleindia #winter #indiapictures #ig_india #indiaclicks #himalayas #uttarakhand #like4like #followforfollow #follow4follow

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