02/01/2017 Kedarkantha base camp (11250 ft)

It was the day to start our descend from Kedarkantha base camp all the way back to Sankri which meant we only had few hours to adore that beautiful view from our campsite.

All of us were trying to capture those picturesque mountains from every possible angle with us in it, honestly all of us wanted a perfect picture for our Facebook and Instagram page! 😀

We didn’t have a network connection to check temperature but according to our trek leaders it was somewhere around -10 degrees Celsius, sun had not come up by that time, all of us were wearing at least 5 layers of clothing, we couldn’t feel our feet in our frozen shoes, we never thought we had to gather so much courage just to go and poop and morning tea was the only thing we were surviving on.

We had always believed in doing something crazy just to create a memory so memorable that when we look back at it, it puts a smile on our faces. Going by the same belief we thought of taking a shirtless picture there. Even the thought itself seemed stupid, nutty, absurd and illogical at first but thinking of picture it would render we thought it was worth a try.

I don’t know what hit our trek leader but he planned to do something notorious and started a snow fight when we were bare chest! Finally we came in terms with him which was more of a survival decision for us. 😀

It turned out to be one of those pictures that are close to your heart and i can still recall each and every second of the adrenaline rush we experienced to take that picture.




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